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14.09.15 | Xeglyze submitted for FDA approval, commercialisation deal announced

Hatchtech is submitting its Xeglyze lice treatment to the FDA for approval and has signed a commercialisation agreement with Dr. Reddy’s.

08.09.15 | Updated Pediculosis Pipeline insight report

DelveInsight have released an updated report covering the state of the pediculosis treatment pipeline.

28.08.15 | Eden Research license deal with TerpeneTech

Eden Research PLC has agreed a licensing deal with TerpeneTech Ltd granting exclusive use of its encapsulation technologies and other intellectual property for head lice treatments.

16.07.15 | Tyratech update: revenue and funding

Tyratech have announced increased revenues for 2014, and are focussing more of their funding on Vamousse.

15.06.15 | Lice Treatment Patent Infringement Complaint Filed

Larada Sciences Inc., a Utah-based head lice treatment company, have filed a complaint alleging patent infringement by Nitless Noggins, a California-based lice treatment company.

The patents concern methods for lice eradication via localised heat treatment, and are held by the University of Utah Research Federation, who have licensed them to Larada Sciences.

Larada Sciences developed AirAllé, a device for treating lice infection via heat treatment, which received FDA clearance in prior to its release with AirAllé branding in 2013.

30.09.15 | A new clade of head lice with potential to transmit disease

A recent paper claims to have found a new Clade of head louse with potential to transmit diseases.

14.09.15 | Evaluation of infestation deterrents against head lice

A recently published study has found infestation deterrents to be highly effective against permethrin-resistant head lice.

14.09.15 | Effect of Environmental variables and Toxic compounds on lice movement

A recent study has shown that temperature, light and exposure to toxic chemicals strongly affect lice movement.

28.08.15 | Lice resistance to pyrethroids found in half of US States

A recent study presented at the American Chemical Society has found that at least 25 US States have lice populations resistant to pyrethroids.

11.08.15 | Alternative splicing and profiling in head and body lice genomes

Head and body lice share a largely identical genome, but express that genome differently, resulting in different physical characteristics and preferred habitats. Recent studies have profiled the entire genome, as well as examining the differences in expression at the genome level.

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