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22.01.16 | Safety of Oral Ivermectin in Children

New commentary warns of the risks of excessive use of ivermectin for unauthorized groups.

14.09.15 | Xeglyze submitted for FDA approval, commercialisation deal announced

Hatchtech is submitting its Xeglyze lice treatment to the FDA for approval and has signed a commercialisation agreement with Dr. Reddy’s.

08.09.15 | Updated Pediculosis Pipeline insight report

DelveInsight have released an updated report covering the state of the pediculosis treatment pipeline.

28.08.15 | Eden Research license deal with TerpeneTech

Eden Research PLC has agreed a licensing deal with TerpeneTech Ltd granting exclusive use of its encapsulation technologies and other intellectual property for head lice treatments.

16.07.15 | Tyratech update: revenue and funding

Tyratech have announced increased revenues for 2014, and are focussing more of their funding on Vamousse.

26.04.16 | Expansion of the Knockdown Resistance Frequency Map for Head Lice

A new study has produced further information on the spread of lice resistance to pyrethrin-type treatments.

18.03.16 | Ivermectin: Synergistic Activity and Clinical Review

Two new papers on ivermectin provide evidence for synergistic anti-lice activity when combined with antibiotics.

19.02.16 | Lice repellents found in clove essential oil

A new study has revealed that eugenol, a major component of clove essential oil, has strong repellent effect on body lice.

19.02.16 | Prevalence of Head Lice Infestation among Students in Iran

A meta-analysis study has revealed that the  that prevalence of head lice infestation among Iranian primary school children is relatively high with greater prevalence among girls.

10.02.16 | Tea Tree Oil for Head Lice Treatment

Medscape has published a summary of studies evaluating the effect of using tea tree oil in treating head lice.

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