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This section of is devoted to news about clinical trials, their aims and outcomes.

28.06.12 | Guidelines for clinical trials proposed

A recent paper in the International Journal of Dermatology has proposed guidelines and protocols for clinical trials of pediculicides.

26.04.12 | Sklice clinical trial results published

An updated version of the FDA-approved Sklice clinical trial has been published on the website.

20.04.12 | New head lice product trials show strong anti-lice activity

A recent publication focussing on novel potential physically-acting anti-lice treatments has identified the surfactant 1,2-octanediol as an effective pediculicide in both in vitro and in vivo studies.

31.01.12 | DeOvo trial complete

Australian company Hachtech has completed phase 2b clinical trials to confirm the efficacy and safety of its head lice treatment DeOvo...

31.10.11 | Liceko v Nix

A trial has taken place to compare Liceko® with Nix®/Lyclear®1% permethrin creme rinse....

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