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News from the global scientific community focused on furthering the understanding and treatment of pediculosis, including research and clinical trials.

16.09.16 | Management of Head Louse Infestations in the United States – A Literature Review

A review providing the relevant information on infestation treatments available in the United States has revealed that there is a high risk of failure of over-the-counter treatments in eliminating head lice.

12.08.16 |  Neem-Extract Lice Treatment Study

A study testing a neem-extract head lice treatment has found evidence for efficacy in treating head lice infection.

05.07.16 | Recent trials of oil-based lice treatments

Recent trials for oil-based lice treatments have shown promising results in using physical action to treat lice infections.

06.06.16 | Clinical trials update 2016

A review of head lice clinical trials news in 2016.

06.06.16 | Plant essential oils for combating lice and eggs

A study investigating the chemical composition and the pediculicidal activity of natural essential oils provides evidence for effectiveness against both lice and eggs.

06.06.16 | Prevalence of head lice in Turkey, Iran, Greece and Senegal

Several recent studies shed light on the prevalence of lice infection, and its relationship to socioeconomic factors, across the globe.

26.04.16 | Expansion of the Knockdown Resistance Frequency Map for Head Lice

A new study has produced further information on the spread of lice resistance to pyrethrin-type treatments.

19.02.16 | Lice repellents found in clove essential oil

A new study has revealed that eugenol, a major component of clove essential oil, has strong repellent effect on body lice.

19.02.16 | Prevalence of Head Lice Infestation among Students in Iran

A meta-analysis study has revealed that the  that prevalence of head lice infestation among Iranian primary school children is relatively high with greater prevalence among girls.

10.02.16 | Tea Tree Oil for Head Lice Treatment

Medscape has published a summary of studies evaluating the effect of using tea tree oil in treating head lice.

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